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PERU & BOLIVIA, Nov 14-30, 2017, Mystical Journey (English/Spanish/French/Hebrew)

November 14 - November 30

| $850 - $6293

Q'eros17 days and 16 nights of a mystical journey through Peru and Bolivia. This is a trip of a lifetime! From Lima to the Nazca Lines, from the Sacred Valley to Lake Titicaca , we shall discover a vast array of landscapes, multi-dimensional worlds, discover the magic of ancient temples with the Master Shamans of the Q’ero tribe, and go deeper within ourselves in search of our divine truth.

We shall stay in 3 to 4 star hotels, perform a fire under the stars, sit in ceremony with the Q’ero Master shamans, explore the Ancient Alien roots of the Inka civilization, fly over the Nazca lines and explore the mysterious stone forrest, Macawasi, that connects us to the stars.  We shall enjoy the famed generosity and the exquisite food of the Peruvians, reputed to be the best in  the world. Together, we shall travel by plane, train, bus, horse and boat with experienced drivers and captains, and enjoy the wonderful knowledge and wisdom of our professional guides speaking Q’echua, Spanish and English (translation provided also in French and Hebrew if desired). Don Pasqual, Santusa and Don Modesto, our Q’ero Master Shamans, will perform magical ceremonies for us, transmit the Pampamesayok and Altamesayok rites, as well as offer private sessions to those who wish to experience more deeply the extraordinary powers of these Masters who, secluded in the Andes for 500 years, kept their traditions alive. They will initiate us into establishing or renewing our deep connection with Mother Earth, PachaMama, the Apus (the sacred mountains), the star nations, Inti Tai Tai (the Sun) and Mama Killa (our Grand Mother the Moon).

We shall discover ancient textiles, the traditional origins of different color dyes, as well as the deep meanings of the designs. Condors, eagles, bears, boars, lamas, alpacas, vicuñas as well as huge hummingbirds, will cross our path as they deliver their symbolic messages. We shall discover over 100 types of potatoes and corn and explore the meaning of the unique gemstones of the Lost City of the Inkas.

Michelle will share her knowledge of the stars and the Tarot, explain the ancient legends, offer past life regressions, meditations as well as traditional rites and ceremonies, and introduce us to the profound and rich world of shamanism. As we shall step into the glory of all that we are, this magical journey of self-transformation will change us all forever.


What some participants of Michelle’s previous mystical journeys to Peru have to say:

“From my deepest heart, I thank you for this magnificent journey in Peru. You were such a joyful, beautiful, wise, responsible, sweet, powerful Shaman guide! You took care of every single one of us so personally and with such heart. You made this trip the most impressive I have ever experienced.” Waltraud L, Italy

I really had a wonderful time in Peru. I also loved being with such an amazing group of people. Thank you for organizing everything. I really appreciated how you maximized our fun and adventures. Having the ceremonies at the different sites really added to the over-all experience. I am so thankful!” Kim W, Portland, OR

Michelle, this was such a fantastic experience for me. Look to the light and it appears everywhere! You are definitely one of the THE most amazing woman I have ever met. I will cherish my HEART rock forever. Love you so very much.”    Mary-Jane C, Edmonton, AL

I thank you for all the wonderful experiences we shared, for the smiles, tears, aches, sweat… and shopping! Thank you Michelle, for being our wonderful guide into the new cycle, the family spirit and truly the inspirational Star! Something big has entered my life. I do not yet know what it is, and I do not know how to dress it up in words yet. I’ve got a wonderful feeling of completion and I look forward to the future! Let us all dream endlessly and limitlessly float above the lesser as we did above the Crystal City! This is just the beginning!”  Tatiana S, London UK

Oh! What a journey we had! I have the sensation that I have a totally blank chalk board on which to create. It’s smooth, unencumbered with trivia and static from the past. Actually, it’s really quite lovely! When I read my journal, there are many things that  seem completely unfamiliar, as if I were reading someone else’s journal. Perhaps the Lydia that left CO on Dec 9 evaporated into the Peruvian mist and the Lydia who returned is paradoxically naive, innocent and wise. Michelle, I am a bit compromised now to accurately describe to you how amazing you were on our journey. You infused so much of your love, attention, care, knowledge, wisdom and passion into our trip. I sensed that you wanted us to have the fullest possible experience and you gave your heart and soul to do that. I already said that I regard you as an angel. And I say it again here: your strength, feminine power, passion, wisdom are among the feathers of your wings. I bow in deep respect to you. I love you, heart to heart, soul to soul.”   Lydia G, Denver CO

I want to thank you for leading us on this journey which will be in my heart forever. You kept us all going with your quick smile, kindness and so much laughter!” Marilyn T, Alberta, Canada

Thank you for all your efforts in providing us with the utmost best outcome for our journey!” Karla E, Germany

“Thank you for your being, for your presence, for your feelings, for your knowledge, for your heart, for the entire organization and bringing all of us together. Your beautiful being which brightened our days and nights in Peru, made us live this spectacular experience, all of us, as a group.  It was like a dream in various ways. Like a dream where I discovered more about myself, some past lives, great and wonderful people, like a second family, new feelings, new places, many many ideas, expanding creativity. I can already see the things that have changed in my life, some are still in transition, some are waiting for the perfect timing to be born. It is very exciting!”  Ozge D., Turkey

“Je te remercie pour ce merveilleux voyage. Après mon arrivée, il m’a fallu une semaine et demi pour “revenir”/”être” présente à nouveau de ce côté. Beaucoup de choses ont changé en moi et je n’en vois pas encore toute l’étendue. Ce voyage fut le premier, depuis très, très longtemps, où j’ai été présente simplement, en étant juste moi. Je revis littéralement, libérée d’un carcan. Je suis heureuse.” Lenia C., Switzerland

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November 14
November 30
$850 - $6293
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