Peru & Bolivia 2017

IMG_0476Exciting Mystical Adventure to Peru and Bolivia

Inka Astrology and Shamanism with Michelle Karén and the Q’ero Master Shamans, November 14-30, 2017 (17 days and 16 nights). Together we shall fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, explore  on horseback Marcawasi, the mysterious stone forrest, visit the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Huyana Picchu, and discover the magic of Lake Titicaca. We shall meditate at the Aramu Muru Door, the powerful doorway to the 5th dimension, enjoy the breathtaking energy of the underwater Crystal City, home to the Gold Disk of Lemuria, wake up in the mystique of the Sun Island, and be reborn in the energy towers of Molloco and Sillustani.

M.K., M.A, D.F.Astrol.S., the internationally renowned astrologer and best selling author of Astrology For Enlightenment (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, NY 2008) with clients in over 72 countries, offers a unique spiritual adventure to majestic Peru. A guest of many top radio and television shows and the exclusive astrologer to the Stars at the 2007 Academy Awards, this highly sought lecturer and author throughout the world, who is also a regular columnist in the Sedona Journal, has written over 8 books in 3 languages. She invites you to journey with her to this inspired, sacred land, to the sacred sites and wonderful people she deeply loves.

Q’ero Master Shamans

Michelle is also a professional shaman trained in the Q’ero tradition both in Peru where, for several years, she has been personally initiated by Don Pasqual, and at the Four Winds Society by Linda Fitch and Alberto Villoldo. She is also the Godmother of 3 Q’ero children. On this enlightened journey to this sacred land, she will share the deep wisdom offered by the Inka cosmology and legends and introduce you to sacred ceremonies with the Q’ero Master Shamans, who, until 1954, were untouched by civilization and kept their traditions intact in the high glaciers of Ausangate in the Andes. This is a unique chance to learn directly from these very special Masters whose love, joy and powers are extraordinary.

Explore Peru and Bolivia

Together, we shall start with an exploration of the enigmatic Nazca Lines and the mysterious Macawasi, stone forrest. In the Sacred Valley, we shall visit Pisaq, the Temple of the Falcon, Q’enko, Kusilluchayoc, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Huyana Picchu, Tipon, Moray and Sacsayhuaman. In Cusco, you will have the exclusive opportunity to explore a magical poncho store displaying the world’s most exclusive collection of unique traditional Peruvian textiles imbued with special magical powers, each between 100 and 500 years old. Accompanied by Michelle, you will make passage from Cusco to Puno, en route, see a rare ET mummy at Andyahuaylillas,  and enjoy a special ceremony at the Wiracocha Temple of the Creator God of the Inkas. We shall then spend time by and on Lake Titicaca, working in various legendary temples such as the Aramu Muru Door, temple of the 5th dimension, and exploring more archeological sites in Malloco and Sillustani. We shall also go into Bolivia, discover Copacabana, perform a ceremony on the Island of the Moon, spend a night on the Island of the Sun and see from our boat (or swim if you wish!) the submerged Atlantean Crystal City, home to the disk of translucent gold of the ancient Lemurians. Michelle personally invites you to take this mystical journey with her through the sacred sites of Peru.

Her mystical journey is limited to 22 people.
No previous knowledge in shamanism or astrology is required.

Weather in Peru: Weather in Peru at the end of September-end of November (spring, dry season):

  • In Lima: high 63-66 F (17C)/ low 56-57 F (20-21 C) at sea level
  • in Cusco: high 68 F (20-21ºC)/ low 39-42 F (4-6ºC)
    At an altitude of 11,000 feet (3,352 m)
  • on Lake Titicaca: high 64-66 F (16ºC)/ low 30-32 F (-8º +4C)
    At an altitude of 12,507 feet (3,851 m)

Peru & Bolivia Trip, Arrival and Departure Dates


  • Tuesday, November 14, 2017
    Arrival in Lima (kindly note that your flight from your home to Lima, arrival in Lima on November 14, must be booked by you)
    You will be picked up personally by an assigned chauffeur who will be carrying a sign with your full name at the Jorge Chavez international airport and transported by taxi or mini-van to our hotel in Miraflores (please note that depending on your time of arrival, there may be a small extra charge for your taxi ride to our hotel). 


  • Thursday November 30, 2017
    Return from Juliaca airport (Peru) late morning (around 11 AM) booked by Michelle as part of the whole trip. Arrival in Lima around 2 PM on Nov 30. Flight from Lima to your home (either on Thursday November 30  after 5 PM or Friday  December 1, after midnight- around 1 AM) booked by you.

Peru & Bolivia Trip 2017 Itinerary (17 days, 16 nights)


  • Day 1, Tuesday November 14: arrival in Lima (international flight booked by you). A chauffeur with a sign with your name will be waiting for you at the Jorge Chavez international airport. Overnight in Miraflores. (Kindly note that depending on your time of arrival, there may be a small extra charge for the taxi). Overnight in Lima (Miraflores).
  • Day 2, Wednesday November 15: Travel by bus to Ica, visit of Dr Cabrera’s stone museum, fly over the Nazca Lines. Overnight in the Huacachina oasis. Breakfast (B), Lunchbox (LB) and welcome Dinner (D) included.
  • Day 3, Thursday November 16: Return to Lima by bus. Bus to San Pedro de Casta. Adaptation to the altitude. Overnight in San Pedro de Casta (B + LB +D).
  • Day 4, Friday November 17: horse ride to Macawasi. Until sunset, visit of this extraordinary site. Overnight in San Pedro de Casta (B+LB+D).
  • Day 5, Saturday November 18: Return by bus to Lima. Flight to Cusco (included in the trip). Optional visits to the magical poncho store, the San Pedro Market, the various museums (Korikancha, cathedrals, chocolate museum, Inka museum, Pre-Colombian museum etc…). Overnight in Cusco (B+LB+D).


  • Day 6, Sunday November 19: Tambomachay, Ceremony and initiation in the Q’enco Temple with Don Pascual, Don Modesto and Santusa. Sacsaywaman. Kusilluchayoc. Overnight in Cusco (B+LB).
  • Day 7, Monday November 20: Ceremony in the Falcon Temple with Don Pascual, Santusa and Don Modesto. Pisaq market. Shaman store. Overnight in Urubamba (B+LB).
  • Day 8, Tuesday November 21: Ceremony with Don Pascual, Santusa and Don Modesto in Quillarumiyoc. Moray. In Chinchero, visit to a community of women who keep alive the traditional ways of weaving. Overnight in Urubamba (B+LB at the Huaypo Lake).
  • Day 9, Wednesday November 22: Early train in Ollantaytambo. Visit of Machu Picchu until 5 PM. Overnight in Aguas Calientes. Hot Springs optional (B+LB+D).
  • Day 10, Thursday November 23: Choice between climbing Huyana Picchu, going to the Sun Gate or soaking in the natural hot springs in Aguas Calientes. Return by train. Visit of the Ollantaytambo site. Overnight in Cusco (B+LB).
  • Day 11, Friday November 24: Leisure day in Cusco with the option of private sessions with Don Pascual or Don Modesto ($80 for 50 minutes). Overnight in Cusco (B+D).


  • Day 12, Saturday November 25: Bus from Cusco to Puno. Visit of the Tipon temple. Ceremony with Michelle at the Wiracocha Temple. Andhuaylillas (ET mummy). Overnight in Chicuito overlooking lake Titicaca (B+LB).
  • Day 13, Sunday November 26: Meditation at the Aramu Muru Door (the temple of the 5th dimension). Exploration of Molloco. Overnight in Chicuito (B+L).


  • Day 14, Monday November 27: Bus to Copacabana Boat to the Moon Island. Boat to the Sun Island. The Fountain of Youth. Overnight on the Sun Island (B+LB+D).
  • Day 15, Tuesday November 28: Free morning to enjoy the spectacular views and magic of the Sun Island. Boat to the Underwater city. Ceremony at the Wiracocha Temple on the Sun Island. Overnight in Chicuito (B+LB+D).


  • Day 16, Wednesday November 29: Boat to the beach of the beautiful Taquile Island. Ceremony. Overnight in Chicuito (B+L+farewell D).
  • Day 17, Thursday November 30:  Sillustani. Juliaca airport to Lima international airport (included). International flights back home (booked by you) (B).


The following are included in the price of your trip to Peru and Bolivia:
All transportations after arrival in our hotel in Lima the first night November 14:

  • Ground transportation by comfortable tourist buses and experienced drivers to and from all the sacred sites and cities in Peru and Bolivia.
  • Train between Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes and return.
  • Boat to the Moon, Sun and Taquile Islands.
  • Internal flights (Lima-Cusco on Nov.18/Juliaca-Lima on Nov 30).
  • Double occupancy rooms in all 3-4 star hotels.
  • All breakfasts (except the first day on November 14)
  • All lunches (except the first day Nov 14, the leisure day in Cusco, Nov. 24 and the last day, Nov. 30)
  • 9 dinners on: Nov 15 (welcome dinner), 16 (San Pedro de Casta) , 17 (San Pedro de Casta), 18 (Cusco), 22 (Aguas Calientes), 24 (Cusco), 27 (Island of the Sun), 28 (Chicuito), 29 (farewell dinner in Chicuito).
  • Entrances to all the temples.
  • Peruvian guides trilingual in spanish, english and quechua.
  • Q’ero master shamans (Don Pascual, Santusa and Don Modesto) + ceremonies, rites and initiations.
  • Translations from Q’echua and Spanish into English, French (if necessary, provided by Michelle) and Hebrew (if required, provided by Ami).
  • Transmissions of rites, discussions on the Inka cosmology and legends + astrology and tarot card of the day with Michelle Karén.

What is NOT included in the price:

  • Your flight from your home to Lima and return.
  • depending on the time of your arrival in Lima on November 14, the shared taxi fare to our hotel in Miraflores (Lima).
  • A health/accident insurance covering the trip. This is MANDATORY. Must be contracted by you, prior to the trip (can be booked through your airline company with your plane ticket).
  • Tips to our 4 guides (Lima, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian and the Bolivian sides) and to our 1 or 2 bus drivers (suggested, $10 to $50 for each)
  • Private purchases (feathers, inka drums, crystals, gemstones, ponchos, alpaca hats, gloves, scarves, silver jewelry, textiles, bags etc…). This is really up to you (as a guideline, anywhere between $10 to $1000).
  • 6 dinners (about $10-$25 each).

For the whole trip 17 days and 16 nights ($6293)*. Price for double occupancy, divided in 7 installments (final deadline for full amount: October 30, 2017).

  • $ 899  (suggested deadline: mid January 2017)
  • $ 899 (suggested deadline: end February 2017)
  • $ 899 (suggested deadline: mid April 2017 )
  • $ 899 (suggested deadline: end June 2017)
  • $ 899 (suggested deadline: mid August 2017)
  • $899 (suggested deadline: end September 2017 )
  • $899 (final deadline: end of October 2017)

Please add:

  • $850 if you wish to have a single room

Kindly note that past August 25, 2017, I cannot guarantee the exact same price to the trip, as domestic flights may slightly increase due to circumstances out of my control.

Upon registration and first payment, I shall need from each participant:

  • Name exactly as it is written on your passport
  • Country your passport was issued
  • Passport number
  • Date of expiration of passport
  • Dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian with fish no chicken, Vegetarian with chicken, glutenfree, omnivore….)
  • Itinerary information:
  • Date and time of arrival in Lima (November 14, 2017 or earlier), carrier, flight number, last hub city.
  • Date and time of departure from Lima (either on November 30 late evening, or December 1 early morning), carrier, flight number, first hub city.

Kindly e-mail me all this information at:

Thank you!

Registration and payment:

Visa, Mastercard, Discover accepted.

Or by certified check payments to:
Michelle Karén Books
110 S. Fairfax A11-60
Los Angeles, CA 90036-2178

*kindly note that all these payments are non-refundable.